This guide will show you how to enable ‘Pollution Mode’ on your Holden VE Commodore. Suits most Series 1 and Series 2 models.

When enabled, pollution mode automatically selects air re-circulation when the vehicle speed is less than 15 km/h. This is aimed at preventing exhaust fumes entering the cabin in stop/start traffic or whilst waiting at the traffic lights. Upon reaching a speed higher than 15 km/h, the air re-circulation is turned off. This happens continuously whilst pollution mode is enabled. It essentially allows outside air to only enter the cabin when the vehicle is moving at speed.

Step 1

To switch on or off, press and hold ‘re-circulation’ for 4 seconds.

VE Commodore Pollution Mode

Step 2

Pollution Mode ON or Pollution Mode OFF appears on the display.

VE Commodore Pollution Mode

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  1. Paulie72 says:

    Hello AutoInstruct,

    Do you happen to know the location of the cabin intake when recirculation is switched on in a VE? I understand the intake closes in the engine bay, but where or how does the air recirculate within the car itself?

    Many thanks!


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