AutoInstruct presents a tutorial on how to remove the front door trims on a VE Commodore.

For removal of the rear door trims, see our tutorial here.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • TORX Driver Set
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Small Flathead Screwdriver

Step 1

Before we start, the following image will show you what to expect.

  • The red circles signify basic clips which will be released when you pull on the door trim.
  • The orange rectangles are flat clips which are somewhat difficult to remove. These will be released after the red clips.

Step 2

Using a small flathead screwdriver, gently pop off this cover. Behind you will find a screw, remove it using a suitable TORX Driver.

Step 3

Remove the three screws located on the bottom of the door trim. Then you will need to remove the screw located under the handle (Orange circle)

Step 4

Remove the two screws located on the inner edge of the door trim.

Step 5

This step is the most difficult of the removal process.

  1. Pull firmly on the handle and base of the door trim to release all the RED clips.
  2. The door will now act as a hinge on the remaining ORANGE clips. Working from the outermost edge of the door, pry each clip off with a screwdriver or a firm pull. It is easy to access each clip by looking underneath the door trim.

Step 6

Release the lock mechanism by unclipping both yellow connectors.

Step 7

Each wire can now be pulled out of the lock mechanism. The door trim can now be removed.

Step 8

With the trim removed from the door we can see:

  • Standard clips (Red)
  • Flat clips (Orange)
  • Alignment pins (Green)

To reinstall simply reverse the process. If any clips remained attached to the door, be sure to remove them and re-attach to the trim piece before reinstallation.

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  1. Darren Bambach

    Thank you, very easy to follow. Operation with 2010 VE Calais V, is exactly same except you have the added Underdoor Light (Blue Wire goes in front , Black in back) of globe attachments.

    1. Nick @ AutoInstruct

      Thank you Darren! Its good to know the guide covers all VEs.

    2. Darren Bambach

      Thanks mate , wife bought a 2010 Calais V , Someone must have grabbed the interior handles with a ring on and split the silver coating, the silver coating had started to peel off, Only door handle I could source was from a standard VE. the outer plastics are a completely different shape. So I needed to replace handles only. The unit that actually holds the silver handles is exactly the same and with a touch of manipulation was able to be swapped directly over. I took pics if you would like them to show.

      1. Staff @ AutoInstruct

        Hi Darren, We would love to see the photos. I will send you an email.

  2. Darren Bamabch

    Further note… Nick, I found out last night while changing interior door handles that on the 2010 the screw that comes out from under the arm of the trim ( while looking very similar) is slightly different in thread size than the 2 inner edge and 3 under door screws. It will not screw in anywhere else when putting back together so should not be forced.

  3. Lee

    Excellent instructions. Needed to replace the window regulator and having a heads up on where the clips are and how to unclip them is a real help. Too many other cars the clips break and then they are hard to source. This was simple. I had two screws in the handle of my VE Berlina not just the one which locked the trim on the door so if it doesn’t start to come off don’t force it look for any additional screws before just yanking it off.

    1. Clubsport5972

      I had 2 screws in my 08 Omega as well. Wondered why it wasn’t coming away lol.

  4. Clubsport5972

    Great instructions. One question, how do you get the inner handle and surround out of the door card? I can’t see any screws anywhere holding it in but I don’t want to just yank it out. Cheers

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