In this tutorial we will take you through the steps required to remove the front seats on a Honda Integra DC5.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • Socket Set (14mm socket with extension bar) or 14mm Spanner
  • Flathead Screwdriver (Optional)

Step 1

Locate the two 14mm bolts at the front of the seat, there is one either side located on the seat rail.

Using the 14mm socket (or spanner) undo the two bolts

Step 2

Locate the black plastic seat rail bolt covers on the backside of the seat.

Pry the plastic covers off either with your hands, or the use of a flathead screwdriver (Preferably use your hands as the screwdriver may scratch or even crack the plastic covers if done incorrectly).

Step 3

Use the 14mm socket (or spanner) and undo the two bolts that are now exposed

Step 4

The seatbelt light wire is still connected underneath the seat and needs to be disconnected before removing the seat from the vehicle. To do this simply lean the chair back to expose the the underside of the seat.

There is a clip holding the wire to the underside off the chair, you will need to squeeze both of the tabs in to allow it to be slid out.

Unplug the lead from the connector by pushing the tab in and pulling

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