Installing a pitch stop mount in your Subaru Forester improves the shift and feel of the engine, and is a common modification for performance enthusiasts. We noticed an increase in NVH, however the improved feel was well worth it.

This guide is written for an XT Turbo model. For naturally aspirated models you will need to disconnect the intake piping to be able to access the pitch stop mount. Once done you can start at step 5.

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Tools/Parts Required

Step 1

Using a flat head screwdriver, pop off the clips for the engine cover.

Step 2

With the engine cover removed you will see your intercooler which needs to be removed.

Start by removing the 2x 12mm bolts holding the front left-hand side of the intercooler.

Step 3

On the right side of the intercooler you will need to undo another 12mm bolt.

You will also need to disconnect hoses from your diverter valve.

Step 4

The last thing is to undo the hose clamp holding the intercooler on the right hand side using a screwdriver.

The intercooler can now be removed.

Step 5

Now you have a clear view of the engine pitch mount. You will need to use a 14mm socket to remove the 2 bolts.

Step 6

Here is the OEM pitch stop mount compared to the Whiteline offering. The OEM part is made from plastic, with plenty of movement in the bushings.

Step 7

Before installing the new mount, be sure to lubricate all friction surfaces and install into the vehicle.

Step 8

Install the pitch stop mount and tighten both bolts.

Reinstall the intercooler, and enjoy your new performance modification!

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