In this tutorial we’ll show you how to remove a Subaru branded, Brant alarm / immobiliser from your vehicle. Our GC8 Impreza was fitted with the basic immobiliser kit, with no external siren. Everything is internal to the cabin.

We are removing our system due to a faulty keypad, and general frustration about the system behaviour.

This tutorial is a process of cutting and rejoining wires together, and electrical experience is required.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Trim Removal Tool
  • Wire Cutters
  • Soldering Iron and Solder
  • Heat Shrink
  • Electrical Tape

Step 1

Let’s get started! We’ve removed the driver’s knee trim using this tutorial, and then we discovered the main control box for the Brant alarm.

Start by unplugging this box, also following the ethernet style connector to the keypad, and removing this as well.

Step 2

Now follow the wires one by one and determine how to revert each connection back to the factory state.

The first connection is beneath the steering column, and is the ignition wire. We will cut out the Brant system (black wires), and rejoin the white wire that was originally cut.

Don’t forget to use heat shrink!

Step 3

The next wires run toward the back of the fuse box. Unscrew and pull down the fuse box to provide access to the loom.

Cut out the black Brant wires and rejoin the factory wires together.

Step 4

The next wires run down the drivers kick panel.

Again, cut the Brant system out. We also need to seperate the factory wires which have been joined together (Yellow, Blue/Orange), and join them back together separately.

Step 5

Neaten the looms using electrical tape, in addition to the heat shrink.

Step 6

You will also find a buzzer located high under the dashboard, unscrew and remove this from the vehicle.

Step 7

The last connection is the earth lead which will be attached to the body.

Step 8

Here is the full Brant system removed from the vehicle, and destined for the bin!

Our vehicle now cranks stronger, and there is no more hassles with a faulty keypad or system.

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