Today we’re going to show you how to remove the front bumper on your MK7 Golf R / GTI. Most of these steps have been carried over from our MK7 Golf Intercooler Installation Tutorial.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • Torx Set (T25, T30)

Step 1

To begin, raise your vehicle and remove the front wheels, this will give you extra room to move.

Now is also a good time to disconnect your battery.

Step 2

First we’ll be removing the front grille. Remove the two screws as highlighted.

Step 3

Pull the grille firmly forward in a hinging motion, which will release the grille from under the air intake trim. You can then lift the grille vertically upwards and remove it from the vehicle.

Step 4

Scribe the position of the following three bolts, and remove each screw from the vehicle.

Step 5

Looking under the car, remove the splash shield and and three screws located along the front as highlighted.

Step 6

Remove the two underside screws on both wheel arch liners.

Step 7

Remove the four screws from the lower wheel arch liner, and remove the liner from the vehicle.

Step 8

Remove the upper wheel arch liner screws. There is no need to completely remove this section from the vehicle.

Step 9

Get the bucket ready!

We’ll now disconnect the headlight washer line.

Squeeze the blue tab on both sides, and release the hose. Let the water drain into the bucket, and remove the hose from the lower retaining clips.

Step 10

We recommend masking your guard with painters tape, protecting it from damage as you remove the front bumper bar.

With the assistance of a friend, pull firmly outwards on the front bar to disconnect the clips. Do this on both sides of the vehicle.

If you find the bar is too tight to remove, you can loosen the retaining clips. Locate and loosen the two black bolts under the wheel liner and try again.

Step 11

The front bar can now be pulled away from the vehicle. Make sure you disconnect the wiring loom before completely removing the bumper.

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