Mazda MX-5 SE GFB Respons TMS BOV Install


In this guide, we will be installing a GFB Respons TMS BOV on our 2004 Mazda MX-5 SE.
Are you looking to achieve that wicked blow-off sound on your turbo MX-5? Look no further than this GFB Respons TMS BOV available here!

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Step 1

First, locate the existing Recirculating Bypass Valve in the engine bay. It will be located between the engine and the radiator as shown.

Step 2

Now carefully remove all three hose clamps attached to the valve and slide the hoses off. The valve will now come free.

Step 3

Once removed familiarise yourself with the new part you are installing. The GFB Respons TMS BOV (T9020) is a direct fit in this vehicle and requires no modifications.

Step 4

Go ahead and reattach the three hoses and secure them with the hose clamps.

Note: The third hose that attaches the bottom of the GFB BOV is located underneath the other hoses in the image.

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