We’ll show you how to install a Burger Motorsports JB4 Plug and Play Tune! The JB4 is the next generation of Gen3 EA888 tuning from Burger Motorsports.

Parts Required

Plug D

When attempting to disconnect Plug D on the bottom of the engine, gently lift the clip with a flathead screwdriver, then gently pull the connection apart.

Burger Motorsports JB1 Plug D
Burger Motorsports JB1 Plug D

Video Guide

4 comments on “Burger Motorsports JB4 Installation

  1. John says:

    Hi mate,
    Do you need a Bluetooth adapter for the jb4 to connect the app?
    I don’t think I got this in my kit and was wondering if you guys sell it and how much?

    • Staff @ AutoInstruct says:

      Hi Phil, any aftermarket parts will impact your warranty if found or identified by a dealership. However once the JB4 has been removed, it leaves no trace in the system. As long as you take it off before visiting a dealership, you should not have any issues.

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